Eye Care – To Remember

Written on:March 24, 2012
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If you’re wondering what the best things you can do for eye care, then you should be aware of three factors. First and foremost, watch what you eat. Be more aware of time in the sun and protecting your eyes. Finally, avoid smoking. With these tips you can begin to understand what good eye care might entail and avoid problems in the future.

  • Nutrition is important. One of the things to consider in taking care of your eyesight is the impact of the right foods. A low-carb diet, along with a daily massive intake of green, leafy vegetables can be what the ophthalmologist ordered. What makes some foods effective is their anti-inflammatory property. Inflammations of any sort can cause “macular degeneration” or, more plainly, worsening eyesight. Look out for foods like collard greens, kale, and spinach.
  • Be careful with the sun. Whenever you’re outdoors, don’t skimp on eye care make sure you’re using sunglasses with a significant amount of UV protection. Not only can unprotected eyes be prone to cancer, but also your sight can be significantly damaged in light that’s strong enough to make you squint. Designer brand names for lens protection are unimportant for eye care. The amount of UV protection that you’re looking for in sunglasses is 400. Once you find a pair that you’re willing to live with that has this rating, wear them. (Get Sunglass Coupon Codes)
  • Quit smoking. This one is easy to say, not so easy to do. I know. Cigarette smoke can be an irritant that makes your eyes red and itchy. But, on a more serious level, smoking damages blood vessels. Nicotine is a “vasoconstrictor” which means it makes blood vessels contract and narrow. When they get small enough to pop in and around your eyes, the blood supply to your eyes is stopped and your vision goes. People with diabetes or glaucoma and a smoking habit are betting on blindness.

Now that you understand some of the conditions necessary for effective eye care, you’re in a better position to anticipate the worst. First, make sure that you’re eating the right things, especially leafy greens. Make sure your sunglasses go with you when you go out. And avoid smoking and those smoking like the Plague. Now get out there and enjoy your 20/20.

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