How to Prevent Hair Loss

Written on:June 22, 2011
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Your hair is part of your identity. Your lifestyle can be portrayed to a certain extent with your hair volume and texture. Routine hair care maintenance with a proper diet schedule can go a long way in preventing hair loss, dullness and damage. Fluctuations in the weather, pollution and humidity, often damages your hair causing hair loss. Day long trainings causes sweat grime which toll on your hair making it limp and fragile. Curly hair tends to get frizzy with increasing humidity. Too much sun exposure also damages your hair making it dry and weak.

Concentrate on your hair care every day and treat every inch of your hair with the best hair care products.

How to check for damaged hair

Submerge a strand of hair in water. If it floats then it is healthy and if it sinks then it needs repair.

Tips to prevent hair loss and obtain healthier hair

  • Mist your hair with hair spray and backcomb the mid lengths to roots from the front.
  • Blow dry your hair upside down
  • Use hair products that contain Soya vitamin complex/Amino Vitamin complex, Multivitamin complex and Nano complex that restores the shine and luster of your hair making cuticles stronger and prevents¬† hair loss.
  • Use products that gently nourish hair fibers to regain the shine.
  • Trimming regularly helps to avoid splitting of hair.
  • Maintain a clean scalp to ensure healthy hair
  • Massage hair near the scalp in a circular motion.This generates volume at the roots.
  • Do not massage your hair while washing to avoid knots.
  • Keratin contributes to overall hair growth and controls hair loss.
  • Avoid combing your hair when wet as hair is at its weakest when damp.
  • Treat shampoo and conditioner like a skin lotion to moisturize your hair and close its cuticles.

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