Know The Facts About Hair Loss Problem

Written on:April 16, 2012
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We often see bald male, but female pattern baldness is rarely seen and is a serious issue at a certain age in women that drive them to undertake a variety of baldness treatment for hair loss.

When can you get this baldness?

Hair loss problem that can occur in early teens while in some females, it usually occurs after menopause.

Reasons for baldness in female

Reasons for female pattern baldness can be heredity, or hormonal balance, medicines or even certain diseases.

Androgenetic alopecia

If the hair is thinning from the top and front portion of the head, it can be said to be Androgenetic alopecia.

Products in the treatment of hair loss

  • Minoxidil- This is one of the most common treatment products for hair baldness and is highly effective in women.
  • If certain Hormonal replacement pills are taken after menopause it, helps in reducing hair loss.
  • Extending or Weaving is non-surgical processes for hair growth. Apart from this, dyes and perms camouflage thinning hair.
  • Salons also treat to make your hair a fuller and more natural look.
  • Certain surgical methods of treating hair loss are by Minigraft and follicular unit hair transplantation, and it is particularly rewarding.

The best product for stopping baldness is hard to find, and one starts thinking of treating it when baldness has become permanent.

Hair loss is also triggered with age and gender. For example, prescribed drug Propecia is seen to be truly effective in younger men but not that effective in older men, as found out clinically. Similarly, saw palmetto, herb that blocks the DTH works in a similar fashion.

There are many products in the market to stop hair loss, but you should choose the best one after finding out the reason for hair loss. In case, there are underlying health problems, they need to be treated first. Medical conditions like anaemia, diabetes, and thyroid problems can cause hair loss.

Nowadays, millions of people are facing baldness, so are reluctant to comb hair. Underlying reasons may be poor diet, sickness, hereditary traits or even hormonal as DTH. Dihydrotestosterone is the prime reason for serious hair loss and sticks to the follicles of the hair. This restricts the reaching of nutrients to the hair.

Vitamin supplements, hair transplants, herbal remedies, hair plugs are some treatments, but Minoxidil works miracles. It stops DTH from attaching itself to the root of hair, so that hair can get their nutrients to grow and grow healthily. It is approved by FDA and clinically highly useful.

Compared to other forms of treatment Minoxidil is fast and is easily absorbed. Hair follicles begin to re-grow fast.

You must be remembering days of youth when your head was full of hair, but now as you brush, you feel it thinner. There is fantastic news for all these people; there are ways to re-grow hair.

With aging hormonal changes, happen to cause hair thinning. The hormone DHT is the primary factor in hormonal changes. It stops hair production because it restricts the flow of nutrients to the hair follicle. It is released into the blood flow and attaches itself to the hair follicles. Note hereditary factors can cause hair loss also.

Fortunately, many treatments like those that with saw palmetto, herbal remedy and vitamin and mineral supplement you can delay balding. Nevertheless, Minoxidil shows the quickest results in treating hair loss. It is FDA approved it is clinically proven to promote re-growth of hair.

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