Where to find coupons?

Written on:November 5, 2011
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Coupons nowadays can create a big role when it comes to saving money. And there’s another bonus for coupon hunters, coupons are everywhere. You can practically find it anywhere you only need your organizing skills to use it well. Though coupons are everywhere where will you find it?


You can always find some kind of coupon at magazines and newspapers. Most of the time, these coupons are for beauty products or services.


A lot of coupons can be found on grocery stores. Pads of coupons near the products it’s promoting can be seen every day. Even when you buy a certain product you can still get a coupon. Flyers being given away are also excellent sources for coupons.

The Phone Book

Surprising as it may seems but lots of coupons can be cut out on phonebooks. There are great coupons for saving at local stores and services. Most of the time, you’ll find coupons for   dry cleaning services, hair salons, auto service and restaurants.

Mail Box

Irritating as it much, some coupons can be found through your own mail box. You just need to sort which is junk mail and coupon possible.

Printable coupons

Very popular for those who prefers easy to locate and use coupons. Some companies offer printable coupons on their site. All you need to do now is print, cut out and pay.

Coupon codes

This is for online shoppers out there. You can search the net or receive newsletters that have coupon codes for online shoppers like free shipping or 5-10% off the total purchase.

Coupons can do wonders in money saving, all you have to do is sort it out and pay less.

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